Monday 7 December 2015

Buffalo, Alberta November 15, 2015

Buffalo is on Highway 555 east of Jenner, Alberta. This is a very sparse and lonely part of Alberta. The town sits right beside the highway beside a long abandoned rail line. There was one residence that looked occupied at the west end of town. There are buildings only on one side of the street that briefly runs alongside the highway.

School marker.

The one and only street with a line of buildings. This is looking due east.

This is looking due west. There is playground equipment for what I think is a community hall. When the province was awash in oil money for years a lot of things got built in remote places.

This is right on the very east edge of town.

From what I have seen elsewhere I believe this is an old store, hotel, and post office, possibly a store at one time. Someone built a garage on the side. The main building does not look like it has been used in years. Someone had a holiday trailer parked nearby. The houses definitely look abandoned.

This is one of the plainest school markers I have run across.

There are hours posted on the door. I doubt this has seen activity in years.

The wheel was sitting like this. It makes for an interesting photo.

A United Church. There was a faded sign in the grass near the door. It mentioned what kind of church it was and something about a blacksmith. I could not make out the rest. The church is well maintained. I am curious how much use it gets, there are not a lot of people in the area.

Inside of the church. Plain and straightforward. No mention of worship times. I wonder if it gets used.

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  1. Great photographs! The church must be used - the building is painted and it looks like it has a new roof. They just wouldn't leave an organ there. Like the pic of the wagon wheel and the gas pump. Esso gas - haven't seen that name in years and years!