Friday 11 December 2015

Millbank School 1921 to ?

This is just a little west of Tomahawk, Alberta. My mother grew up in Tomahawk. Her father had the local garage and service station there. It was torn down about forty years ago. A gas station and convenience store occupies the space now. 

This school sits on Millbank Road. From the thin information my quick research provided it started as a school in 1921 and I could not find when it ceased being one. It did get used for various gatherings in the area. I attended a couple of social events here when my age was in the single digits. The odd thing is that this is one of the few Alberta schools without a historic marker. I am trying to find out why. The building is in poor shape. I think my cousin on my mother's side of the family owns the land this is on but I am not sure.

You can see the outline of a rectangle on the front. It sticks in my mind that there used to be a sign that said "Millbank School". That is the problem with memory, it is imperfect. There are times when you wish memory was like something you could play back in high definition. Time obscures things.

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  1. The building looks more like a house than a school. I like the windows in the front.. Don't see them like that anymore.