Saturday 5 December 2015

Cavendish Cemetery, Cavendish, Alberta

This is a lonely spot on the open prairie near Buffalo, Alberta on November 15, 2015. I am not sure if there ever was much to Cavendish. Nothing of much note is there now. A sign on the highway pointed to a side road that said "Cavendish Cemetery". This is the cemetery.

There were two fenced areas containing family plots. It looked abandoned. I manage to find one marker where the person died this year so it is still being used. It looked as if there were some unmarked graves. 

Esther Edgington, 1866 - 1939. The headstone is in good condition.

I had not known about this cemetery prior to November 15, 2015. I exchange emails on an very infrequent basis with the person who has the Forgotten Alberta website and he has almost the same picture of this grave on his site posted on Remembrance Day. He provides a little history on John Fenton. Private Fenton never made it to Europe, he was a victim of the Spanish Flu and died on November 17, 2015. He is buried here.


  1. What a great place to come to rest. I can feel the prairie wind, smell the grass....

  2. Wonder if that cross was the original grave marker on the last photo. The landscape will probably still look the same for another hundred years...

  3. Beautiful Photos, and yes, Cavendish was once a thriving town - my dad and several of his siblings were born there, and also several of my cousins - the land gave to you only when it wanted to~~