Sunday 6 December 2015

Notre Dame de Savoie Church

North of Halkirk, Alberta and near Cordel, Alberta however I am sure that Cordel does not exist anymore. I believe it has been stripped away by coal mining for power generation.

Per Google, the church is in the southeast corner of the crossroads, the cemetery is in the northwest corner. You cannot make either of them out but the cemetery is the square parcel right in the northwest corner.

Small hard to notice sign pointing the way to the cemetery. Just barely west of this intersection it is blocked off. The area is mined for a power generating plant. 

This was once a French Canadian church. 

Some of the interior may have been stripped away but there are no signs of vandalism. 

The cemetery is well kept and probably still being used. A cursory look found one headstone dated in 2012. There are a lot of plots with the last name of Cordel.

On the rock is a little plaque in memory of those who first settled this area. I was a little surprised that I did not find a cenotaph. A lot of grave sites usually had one.

I am not drawn to fancy and ornate things. I like unique items. I have seen other very plain headstones in other remote cemeteries. 

Not too far west of the church and cemetery.


  1. I a few years the old church will just be a pile of lumber. That big excavator is weird looking there out on the prairie, verging on an image of an industrial nightmare, as it sucks up the sweet grass and soil yard by yard. *shiver*

  2. Fantastic photos! The looped wire fence around the one grave is really old fashioned - I remember that type of fencing back in the 40's. Poor little church! I bet it was beautiful inside at one time.