Monday 14 December 2015

Herronton, Alberta December 12, 2015

The day started off very foggy and never got any better. I like the look that the fog gave to the day when it was not doing its best to obscure everything.

Herronton was one of those numerous rail stops that lost their purpose over time. The grain elevator is on one side of the road beside a rail line. On the other side of the road is a business and a few houses. Six kilometres of gravel road off a secondary paved highway gets you here. This is about an hour south and east of Calgary.

The grain elevator is owned by a farmer and is no longer used as a grain elevator. I have someone that I exchange emails with on an irregular basis and he filled me in on some information about it. It is currently used for storage.

This rail marker is beside the rail line and right near the grain elevator.

I thought the rail line through here was abandoned. It turns out it is sort of abandoned. Regular rail traffic does not run through here anymore, the line is sometimes used to park rail cars that are not in use.

Someone here loves birdhouses and there were a few unique ones. This one stood out.


  1. Damn Google Maps.

    BW, what secondary is it off of? Google Maps has it on something like 366 St and 492 Ave! It must be a temporary glitch or something...

    1. South of Calgary. Highway 23 east of Highway 2, east of the turnoff on Highway 804 north on Range Road 255.

  2. Beautiful - love the fog and the frost and glad the grain elevator wasn't torn down. The birdhouse photo would make a doozie of a jigsaw puzzle!

  3. Great pics! My brother and I own that elevator and currently use if for grain storage... If you are ever out when the sun is setting it would be cool to get a picture with the doors open.