Monday 13 May 2019

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Holy Ascension, Wimmer, Saskatchewan

Not sure if this is still in use. There are three other churches of this type not too far away. I love the weathered look of this church. Nice little spot on the lonely prairie.


  1. They built some beautiful churches!

  2. All these churches in the middle of (what looks to me to be) nowhere makes me think there used be a lot of small farms in the area.

    Technology got "better", the small farms were combined and the people (young people?) moved off to the big city.
    Or maybe it happened the other way around...with the young leaving first...

    Either way you end up with a fair sized church just sitting in the middle of nowhere...

    I need to put a drive thru the area on my list, just to see it. Winnipeg to Edmonton looks good on the map.. Winnipeg to Vancouver looks even better, all my kids are on the west coast.

    1. There were more farms with a big families. Years ago the population was more spread out, now it is more concentrated in larger areas. The farms got bigger over time.

  3. husband [ a priest], took us across the prairie to look at many of these churches, that was over 40 years ago one had a wall that was full of honey bees, makes a beautiful hum
    he told me a farmer would donate a corner of a property and a church was built.
    at that time some were still served on their saint's day or for a special occasion. don't know if they are ever served now.
    husband had a special interest in the ukrainian canadian church history.

  4. what a beauty, I hope it is still used on occasion.