Friday 17 May 2019

Nobody Home

This tour around the countryside focuses on abandoned homes in and around "my stomping grounds," a term I use rather loosely here. Enjoy!

Above and just below . . . a tiny abandoned house on the western edge of the Cypress Hills in Alberta. Saint Margaret's Church and Cemetery is within walking distance just up the coulee.

I spotted this old homestead southwest of Crosby, North Dakota. Even though it was nearly Christmastime there were still a few bales in the fields.

A big two-storey house near Corinth, North Dakota . . . comes with a windmill and wide open spaces. The setting sun gives the weathered wood a warm and attractive appearance.

An abandoned house near Dowling Lake, Alberta. Love the prominent upper storey gable and the huge (for the time) picture window on the main level . . . too bad about the porch.

I was on my way to Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan and this house appeared just over the crest of a hill. I can imagine being a kid and sleeping out on the veranda on a hot summer night...maybe even sneaking out to get into some mischief.

I'd just had a delicious late lunch at Soup and Such in Hazlet, Saskatchewan and was on my way to Maple Creek when I came across this little abandoned house. The lilac bush growing on the east side is almost as big as the house itself. It was a rare "only black and white photos" day.

A lovely warm winter day south of Nemiscam, Alberta.  Instead of turning east or west at the blacktop I decided to go straight ahead into the unknown. Found this nice old two storey stucco house a few miles down the the covered entry.

Up to Estuary, Saskatchewan for this unusually designed house. If you're in Estuary or passing through there is a cable ferry that crosses the river here. It's especially fun when the river is high in late June. Let's all hope that cable doesn't break!

The remains of an old stone house near Goldstone, Montana. An alarmingly desolate area that I find, well . . . it kind of puts you on the edge of your seat, but in a fun kind-of-way.  Always a thrill to drive through the area.

Southwest of Schuler, Alberta...just look at that big old lilac bush blooming its heart out!  Comes with a pretty nice house too.

Autumn near Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. What I find most interesting here is the non-indigenous Mountain Ash tree that is obviously flourishing in utter neglect right next to a pretty cute little house.

Thanks for taking the tour!

- Michael Truman


  1. Good work, Mike.

    I want to bid on the first one. I trust the sauna and indoor pool are in good repair too...?

  2. Wow, love the #5 photo of the house with the setting sun. Would like a blown up canvas print of that one!

  3. A wonderful and varied selection of the abandoned homes of yesteryear!

  4. That Estuary house is SO COOL!