Sunday 19 May 2019

Camping . . .

This is the Victoria Day Weekend in Canada, a long weekend that typically kicks off a lot of summer activities. One of those is camping, a lot of people have got their stuff out of storage and are out camping. I have no desire to camp. As a kid my parents would go out camping. I froze in tents, then froze in tent trailers, then froze in a truck and camper unit, then froze in a trailer as my parents graduated from one form of camping to another. Camping may build character, and I have done the usual camping stuff like built fires and chop word, however I hate being cold at night. I froze enough in my younger days.

If I am out on a weekend I will be spending the night in a decent motel or hotel. I can afford it and I like to get quality sleep at night. I see some of this monstrous fifth wheel trailers and bus style motorhomes that cost a small fortune. I doubt that is camping when you have all of the comforts of home. The money spent on one of these I think you would be far ahead financially taking a motel or hotel instead, nevermind what they charge you to use a campsite these days.   

For those that like to camp, I saw this at a campground by the North Saskatchewan River near Drayton Valley, Alberta.


  1. I have camped since I was a kid. Mostly in a tent. I like camping. Bought a small travel trailer last fall, and am looking forward to hitting the road after a few things are wrapped up here.