Monday 27 May 2019

Halcourt Church 1911

This might be all that is left of Halcourt, Alberta. This church is in a rural area west of Grande Prairie, Alberta. I do not think it sees regular use these days. 

There is a fenced off on the other side of the church that held five horses.


  1. Almost too bad that the church couldn't be converted into a barn for the least it would be better than it falling totally to ruin.

    1. It is not abandoned. It just does not see regular use. It is kind of a historic site in the area.

  2. Interesting. I've seen churches turned into homes here, rather than be totally abandoned. That doesn't seem to be the case there...

  3. It looks pretty freshly painted on the exterior, though, so at least it's getting a little TLC.

  4. The photo looking down the aisle of the nave has a simple, elegant beauty. Nice eye and a great photo. Thanks for sharing it.