Wednesday 1 May 2019

My psychic prediction

I predict there will be beer in my future. The future being this evening.

I like beer. This is a great time to be a fan of beer. The great thing in this day and age is there are a lot of microbreweries and brewpubs all over the place. The not so great thing in this day and age is there are a lot of microbreweries and brewpubs all over the place. Some of the stuff is really good and some of it is downright vile. It seems like every small town has someone brewing beer and trying to get a foothold in the market. I am all for free enterprise and I would love to see people who start a business become a raging success. The reality is that there are a few that I wonder how long it will be before they fold due to a crappy product.

As stated, I like beer. I even like a lot of the varieties. One brewery finishes some of their beer in casks that were used to age Scotch. Great stuff. I even like the orange or grapefruit beers. I even ran a cross of couple of honey beers that I liked and a huckleberry one that was kind of tasty. I think there is a little too much tweaking of beer that is going on. I draw the line at chocolate or coffee infused beer. All that being said, I would rather have too much choice than the not so distant past when there was hardly any choice.


  1. Flapz and I got into the cask brewed beers years ago. We'd stopped at a community hall on some backroad somewhere to sample our craft beers - we had a bottle each.

    I poured mine out in the parking lot and left the bottle by the garbage can. Flapz loved his.

  2. I'm not a beer drinker but I'm tempted to try one I heard about on CBC radio this morning -- Glitter Beer. It's brewed once a year for Jasper's Pride Week and it's available right now in a couple of places here in Edmonton too. The glitter is edible cake glitter (apparently there is such a thing) which doesn't affect the taste of the beer but, as the name suggests, makes it glitter when poured in a glass. It's served with a swizzle stick so you can keep that glitter moving, baby!

  3. Beer should taste like beer. Beer that tastes like anything else has a man bun behind it.

  4. Great prediction. I used to be a wine drinker but find myself liking beer more and more. There are a number of craft breweries popping up in this area, including one here in town.