Friday 3 May 2019

Just down the road from Gouda, Saskatchewan

As far as I know there is no Gouda, Saskatchewan. I think there should be.

Right by the elevator is the old train station. I felt like including it in this post.


  1. The old train station, at the town that should have been (Gouda is a good name!). Even the RR tracks are missing.

    You & the others go out and record places (history) that are fading away. I'm guessing you do it because it's fun but we are all aware that you are recording a small bit of the history of that area... I'm guessing that in 100 years nothing will remain but your photos and a few lines of text...

    1. It is a greater sadness but it is what happens. The place remind me of the station in Encinitas which is home to a coffee shop now. It's called the Panniken. Just why they built a 6 way split level station and strategically placed the rest rooms in the basement is beyon me but I was a sometime engineer and mostly a destructor.

  2. Smoked Gouda, I would visit there.
    Such a nice ol rail station. Hate seeing them disappear.