Saturday 11 May 2019

Sometimes I feel this blog could use a veteran presence . . .

Not too long ago I met with a reader of this blog, Dale Redekopp, who has similar interests and was kind enough to give me some locations of interesting sights and I gave him some locations in return. He has posted a number of grain elevator photos on this page:

Mr. Redekopp is retired and a former military pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces. I enjoyed meeting with him and suggested that if he ever wanted to submit something to send me an email. I posted a barn of his previously. He sent me another post which I will publish later this morning.

Just to be clear, any contributor to this blog needs to keep their hands off bales. Those are my territory. Unless it is a damn good bale photo.


  1. You should have a hay bale photo competition and invite the world to participate. It could unite the International Hay Bay Fandom.

    Redekopp is a good prairie name. A million years ago in Winnipeg, I took a calligraphy course from an outstanding calligrapher named Redekopp -- Gerald Redekopp, if I recall correctly.

  2. Mr Redekopp has some cool photos, and he likes old trains as well, YAY!