Sunday 12 May 2019

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

Saturday May 11, 2019 I rescued the motorcycle from storage.

I currently live just a little south of Edmonton, Alberta. I recently lived in Airdire, Alberta. Taking the major highway it is a little over two hours between the two places. My motorcycle has been sitting in storage in a shelter with hay bales on a rural property a little east of Calgary. I got a ride down from a friend. 

A few days ago I snagged an appointment to get the bike in the shop about ten days from now. I knew the bike would need a bit of work for riding season and this is the busy season for motorcycle shops. I could not remember for sure but I thought it would need a set of new tires. If it didn't I could always cancel the appointment. It could likely use an oil change if nothing else.

The bike was covered with dust. Dust is not a problem, knowing my luck I will get caught in a rainstorm riding it this season which will wash the dirt off the bike. The windshield needs to be replaced due to age and regular wear and tear. Upon checking them the tires will need to be replaced in the near future so making an appointment was a good idea. It fired right up with the turn of the key and I was off and running. I used to work for the guy who stored it for me. He stored it for nothing so at the very least I offered to buy him lunch in Airdrie since he would not take anything for storing the motorcycle. He accepted so I was on the hook for lunch. So I got as far as lunch on the way back at this point.

After lunch I thought I was on my way back. I noticed a voicemail from my brother-in-law on my cell phone. Well, I thought, I better check, since he rarely calls me. It might be important. Usually I talk to my sister. I have nothing against my brother-in-law, we have never really talked much since I have known him. 

I called and found out my nephew was in Urgent Care in Airdrie. My nineteen year old nephew is special needs and has cerebral palsy. All of this is from a nasty bout with cancer years ago. To help him walk he sometimes uses a walker. He managed to slip in a parking lot with his walker and fall face first onto concrete. I was not intending to visit my sister as this was supposed to be a quick trip to pick up the bike and take it home however this changed things. I ended up at the hospital visiting my sister and her husband and seeing my nephew in an examination room.

My nephew will be fine. He has a bashed bloody forehead and whacked his nose. His clothes have some bloodstains. He looked like he was in a street fight. The kid has a sense of humour, when I saw him he said "You should see the other guy." They were going to x-ray his neck and check him for a concussion before releasing him. I told him that if he was lucky he would get a cool scar out of the experience and to remember that women are attracted to tough guys. At this point it was getting late and I would have stayed overnight but I am trying to visit mom on Mother's Day. Which is also important.

After two to three hours riding it back home (which includes a side trip to Urgent Care and to get gas) my neck is a little strained from wearing a helmet. I have to get used to that every motorcycle season. My body aches a little bit since I have not ridden in months. On the plus side there was cold beer in the fridge and I am reunited with my motorcycle. Life could be worse.


  1. Life could be worse.... That says it all most days for me!

  2. I'm glad your nephew is okay after his fall. Enjoy Mother's Day with your Mom! I'm glad your motorcycle was sheltered by HAY BALES all winter long.

  3. Mmmmmm, hay bales. Good to hear all that was hurt was the nephew's pride. Need a sidecar so you can take your mom for a ride.