Thursday 16 May 2019

Been kinda busy

A month ago I wrote a final for a course I was taking. You do not get exam books with this course, you sign onto a computer terminal and type your answers in. My handwriting is fairly decent, my typing speed could use a bit of improvement. They did not tell me exactly what my mark was other than I got a "B". The odd thing was that I got an emailed notice on Easter Sunday that I could access my mark online. It is more convenient to sign in online and look up your mark although for some reason I miss the old days were you would have to find out in person. The process seems kind of impersonal.

During the last thirty days my mother had cataract surgery, each eye was done on separate days so I had four trips meeting up with her. Two of those trips were meeting up with a doctor after each surgery for a follow up appointment. Going to pick her up, driving into the city, waiting around at her appointment, then driving her back, then driving back to my home kills the better part of a day.

I also got two new pairs of glasses, one is a pair of sunglasses. My prescription had slightly changed and I finally got around to ordering new glasses. I got them today after waiting over two weeks. Tried them one and it will take a little bit to get used to them. A quick look in the mirror with my better vision confirmed that I am just as handsome as I remember. Not that I had any doubts.

Somehow I managed to get two flat tires since I moved here. When I got the first one I was right across the road from a tire shop. The second I had to take the tire off at my home. I have changed more than my share of tires simply because there was one stretch years ago when I had an unlucky run getting multiple flats one year, one of those times I had to change a tire in a rainstorm with the flat tire on the car in a large puddle. It was in a puddle because that was the only safe place to pull over. This recent one was a bit of a pain. The tire on the Kia is secured under the car. To release it there is a nut that you spin located in the hatch area in the car that lowers the tire. It seems that car manufacturers like to make simple things more difficult. You used to be able to go into the trunk area, lift up a cover, and get your jack and your spare at the same time. Putting the emergency spare under the car is dumb, I had to knock off a bunch of dirt that was stuck to the tire before putting it on.

As an aside, I cannot count the number of times (only because I never kept track) I have driven by vehicles on the side of the road with a tire off and the axle sitting on the ground. Obviously someone got a flat. I guess there are a lot of people out there who have no idea how to change a tire, or they do not have a spare, or are dumb. Anyway my tire was too damaged to fix so I had to buy a new one.

I also managed to retrieve my motorcycle. Unfortunately that will cost me money for new tires and an oil change. The front one looks fine, the back one is worn, both will get replaced at the same time. I value my existence enough to have tires with lots of tread on my motorcycle.

With luck I will be less busy in the near future. Hopefully I will be spending less money. With buying a condo, doing some minor fixes, a new washer and dryer, new furnishings (Did I need a sixty-five inch television? Yes, yes I did), and new glasses to name a few items I should be done with the major purchases. Life should have settled down enough that I can get back to doing what I do best, pretending to work and road trips.


  1. If it ain't one thing, it's two others.

  2. Well, at least a Kia still HAS a spare tire. Lots of new models don't anymore -- not even a little donut emergency tire. All you get is one of those useless "tire fix-it with goop" kits. That's why I bought a Yaris as opposed to other models (e.g. Honda Fit) -- it came with a spare tire donut.

  3. It's good to see you're faulting yourself on the TV, if you have a place for it go for it! It's your life, you might as well enjoy it!