Monday 1 October 2018

Why do we take photos? To get multiple likes and shares? To tell a story?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the likes and shares my photos or posts get. But the story behind the photo is what pulls my heartstrings. For instance this particular building we photographed in Admiral, Saskatchewan during the September long weekend looked interesting for me to stop and take a few photos. Much to my surprise today over lunch at work I found a vintage slide from the Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society Everett Baker slide collection that took my breath away. Behind the beaming CO-OP manager was a Ford dealership building – the same building I photographed but looked in much better shape some sixty-seven years ago. Upon closer investigation the date from the slide was just five days from when we visited in September 2017. 


"Standard Implements" was established by Peter Grabinski in the late 1910s. In 1925 a Ford car dealership was added to the business. A new building to the south was built in 1946 as the new showroom. In 1972 the original building was closed down and was then used as the Village recycling depot, though it closed at some point.


This is one of the reasons I go out and record these fleeting moments in time…

(SHFS_0007 - George & Mary Farnworth with the Admiral CO-OP truck - August 26, 1950)

- Jason Paul Sailer


  1. I take photos for different reasons. A lot of people have lived in one area a lot of their lives. I moved about thirty times prior to graduating high school. I do not have a connection to places like others do. There are times I wish I did have some history with some place. Regardless, I take photos because I tried it and grew to like it. Seeing places and encountering pieces of history are added bonuses.

    1. Most definitely! Seeing different places and finding out the stories and history behind them is very exciting!

  2. You have the soul of a true researcher!