Tuesday 23 October 2018

No Justice Here

I spotted this old farmhouse near Justice, Manitoba. There is nothing around it except for the beehives and a collapsed barn.

I was in the area to photograph the remains of the former Justice grain elevator. That was demolished on October 20th.

I took a video of a train passing the remnants of the elevator.

It was a sad day.

- Steve Boyko


  1. Oh, I know Justice, Manitoba! Sorry to hear its grain elevator is gone. Last year, I took a nice photo of the Justice sign and posted it on my blog. Not to boast or anything, but MY photo had an all-important HAY BALE in it as well:


    I run with the Big Dogs, man. Catch up.

    1. I tried to roll a hay bale up into the photo, but they are just too big to roll. ;)

  2. Always sad when an elevator is no longer.