Sunday 21 October 2018

Chocolate and Cream

You lookin' at me?!

This chocolate and cream coloured cow is just one of many handsome domesticated beasts that live out in the Cypress Hills.  Great horns!

- Michael Truman


  1. Debra - I don't think she is. The legs are too short, the spread on the horns are too narrow nor are they heavy enough for a mature animal. I'd call it a milking shorthorn except the bag isn't big enough. Right coloring though for both the longhorn and shorthorn. Wonder if she is some kind of cross?

    Did a little research there is a shorthorn that is a beef cattle breed so maybe that?

    1. Cattle in the Cypress Hills are raised for beef. This young cow had a buff-coloured calf that was Charolais in appearance.

      I was raised on a small farm in Saskatchewan and we had a Charolais bull that was gentle enough that he could be petted...he didn't have a problem with people being "up close and personal."