Wednesday 10 October 2018

Lexington School

The long abandoned Lexington School still maintains a dominating presence on the North Dakota prairie landscape.

It's obviously not the charming little one-room school house that one generally associates with "pioneer" schools. Far from it! A second-generation school built to accommodate the burgeoning influx of children in the area.

It looks to be a similar design to Fir Mountain School (in southern  Saskatchewan) which opened in the late-1920's. I'd hazard a guess that Lexington School is even a little older than that.

A long time has passed since Lexington School has been graced with the presence of children.

These big old schools are pretty special. I love 'em!

- Michael Truman


  1. I would like to see this. Neat find.

  2. Yeah, this is huge for a prairie school!

    1. Many of these big second generation schools have fallen or are falling to rack and ruin. A few examples to the contrary are Alkabo School (of which I posted about here some six months ago or so) and Fox Valley School in Saskatchewan.