Monday 19 June 2017

St. Stephen's Church June 3, 2017

I posted this place before and some places deserve to be seen again. The last time I was here is was sort of winter and so windy you could hardly stand. This time there was no wind and it would be hard to get a better day for taking some photos.

This church is just a little south of Cardston, Alberta almost at the intersection of Township Road 20A and Range Road 262. It has been built three times. The first two times it was destroyed by wind. The last time it was built in 1907 it managed to survive until present day.


  1. Picture #3 says it all...

  2. I wonder if God is as impressed with that as He is with the big Cathedrals in Europe? I'm glad you made it back BW. Some of these lonely churches look horrible and depressing in winter, and are absolutely charming in spring and summer.

    1. It is commonly said the church is the people and not the building. I believe that. I find the fact that these people built and maintained this spot impressive all on its own.

  3. Love it, great place and photos.