Saturday 24 June 2017

Prairie Circle Cemetery June 17, 2017

Northwest of Hemaruka, Alberta (which is very population challenged) in a quiet rural spot. I do not know if anyone looks after this place. There appears to be twenty-eight burials from 1917 to 1940. Some of the burials note that people were living in Zetland and Fenner, Alberta in addition to Hemaruka. I had never heard of Zetland or Fenner. I was able to find them on a map and nothing exists of them anymore. Both places were in the vicinity of Hemaruka.

There is a bench hidden back there in the growth. I took a short walk around the perimeter. It was hard to see anything in the grass and I did not want to step somewhere and damage something.  


  1. That looks like a nice spot, BW. Thanks for the photos.

  2. What a nice, peaceful looking spot. Too bad the bench is not accessable. That would be a good place just to sit, rest and reflect.

  3. Well how beautiful that someone out there is remembering some of my family of whom are buried in Prairie Circle Cemetery. My Mother, Lily (Kary) Heidebrecht Vreeman was the youngest daughter of Chris and Emily Kary and I remember her telling me many years ago that she painted the original Prairie Circle Cemetery sign when she was but a young girl. Her grandparents are George and Katharina Kary, who are the first ones mentioned on the bronze plaque shown above. My uncle is also buried in that cemetery - Adolf Kary who died in 1935 of TB. I remember as a teenager my Mom took my sister and I to Hemarauka and we saw the old farm that my Mom grew up on at Zetland and we visited Prairie Circle Cemetery as well. That was about 50 odd years ago and my Mom just died two years ago in Clearwater, BC and was buried there on the day of her 90th Birthday. I wish she would have been able to go back to the place of her roots before she died. It would have been good to walk through that cemetery with her and talk about the old days. Oh well.....thank you for giving me the gift of being able to see this site on line. God bless you. Kerry Heidebrecht