Thursday, 15 June 2017

Beaver dam June 10, 2017

You see a lot of beaver in the northern half of the province because the northern half of the province has trees. This was near Lindale, Alberta. The water is a little high and flowing right over the top of the beaver dam. I would have loved to get closer. The ground is very wet and spongy. I have walked on a few dams. This one does not look that sturdy yet.


  1. Neat..those beavers must have been as busy as..beavers!

  2. Beaver dams are interesting, thanks for the pics!

  3. I've breached a few beaver dams so salmon could pass to spawn, but usually they rebuild it before I'm back in a week. I discovered later, that salmon can literally squirm/climb over a beaver dam anyway, so I quit doing that.

    1. My uncle used to have to break them up as part of his job with the county. They are bad for damming culverts which damages roads.