Tuesday 6 June 2017

My local tech shop loves me

In my history of owning cell phones I have managed to drive over one and drop three others. By the way, do not put your cell phone on the roof of your car when you are juggling a bunch of stuff, then forget it there and drive off. It is a great way to run over your cell phone. That one was beyond repair. My local independent repair shop has been able to get the screens replaced on the others and restore them to working order. 

I thought that my run of being a klutz was on hiatus. Not so fast. Last Saturday night I was getting out of my car and my Ipad slipped out of a travel bag, hit the pavement, and then suffered a shattered screen. I thought this was really going to hurt since I use it heavily. A few chunks of glass were lost. Amazingly it still worked. In the past I have looked at an Apple product the wrong way and have it fail on me. The Ipad is now in the shop testing the skill level of my repair guy. 

He says he can fix it. I have faith.

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  1. I worked at an amusement part in Iowa, there was a ride that shot you up 200+ feet in a couple of seconds.
    I ran into a kid who dropped it from up there, he had the pieces in a plastic bag.
    I'll bet they had problems fixing that one..