Thursday 29 June 2017

Abandoned church at Cosine, Saskatchewan

I really need to go back here and spend some more time. Saskatchewan has some great and interesting place names. I zipped by on June 17, 2017. Nothing much remains of Cosine. This church is in someone's yard and there is a cemetery close by. I was there in the early evening and managed one good photo. I would love to see the inside of this church.


  1. What a fantastic old church! Thanks, BW.

  2. I used to attend St Peters. My grandfather helped to build it.My brother and his wife live in that yard and most of my prairie ancestors are buried at the cemetery.
    My mother talked about going to school with a Benny Wolfe?

    1. I write this under a pen name. It was late when I saw this church and I only had time for a quick photo.

  3. Both my parents attended this church.My father and his father and his grandparents are buried in that cemetery. Glad to see that the road past there is in much better shape than it was. Love the homemade grave markers