Friday, 30 June 2017

Open road? Road trip? Stop at a drive through for coffee?

All are possible this weekend. 

This is a wildlife overpass in Banff National Park. The highway through the park is lined with fences to keep wildlife off the road. There are several overpasses and underpasses for wildlife to get to the other side.


  1. Warshington (the way Yankees say it) is doing some of those near Snoqualmie Pass on I-90. Now it they can just train the critters to read the signs so they know where to cross............I'll never see them as I'm persona non grata up there.

  2. I've been driving out to Fairmont Hot Springs every year for some time, and Parks Canada has been doing the same in Kootenay park also over the last couple of years. The fencing is pretty much the same as what you can see in Banff, except there's no wildlife overpasses, it's all underpasses.

    1. I have noticed the same thing on the way to Fairmont.

    2. Logically, I know it's to save wildlife from vehicles, but it looks horrible.