Friday 23 June 2017

Highway 317, Saskatchewan south of Fusilier 7:30pm June 17, 2017

Road trip? I will likely take out the motorcycle and stick to pavement this weekend.

Some highways are paved. Some are gravel. This one is dirt. It had rained in the prior few days. It was bad enough driving on it when it was dry with ruts and a washboard surface. There is no way I would want to drive on this in the rain.


  1. Love your blog. Found you through the "Daily Time Waster". I'm a Saskatchewan (Nipawin) kid living in BC for the past 25 years. Visiting your site once a week now just to look at the pics. Great job!

    You can check out my BC based blog at if it interests you. Thanks or what you do!

  2. Oh, I love this one. Maybe you have to be ranch raised to appreciate it...

  3. Ah, yes, side roads can be interesting to navigate at times. :-)