Thursday 8 June 2017

Nondairy creamer

I used to drink coffee black. I got into the habit of drinking coffee years ago. I drank it to be polite, people usually offered you one and it seemed rude turn it down. Most of the people in a workplace drink it. So you find yourself following suit. Most places treated coffee as an afterthought. At that time and in that place you were lucky if there was cream and sugar so I drank it black. Later on the amenities improved and there was the powdered stuff and sugar, rarely actual cream. Most coffee where I worked was close to vile so I would look for stuff to make it taste less bad. I started adding that powdered creamer and sugar to it to make it palatable. These days my coffee consumption is all over the place. Sometimes I drink a pot of the stuff over the course of a day. Other times I do not even touch it.

In my younger days I lived in small towns. There was no place like a coffee shop or drive through where you could zip in and get a coffee to go. Those places did not exist. Now they are all over the place, even in small towns. Competition is good. Coffee has vastly improved and even the stuff in businesses is a lot better. For example these days when you stop to get your car serviced you do not think twice about getting a coffee from them while you wait. Years ago you would look upon their coffee with suspicion.

I am waiting for some improvement to be incorporated into nondairy creamer. I am increasingly finding myself unable to drink actual cream in my coffee. I used to be able drink it all the time. I could just switch to tea however I actually do enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. The non-powdered nondairy stuff is barely tolerable. I cannot get into the habit of drinking black coffee again so I am still searching. 

This all reminds me of something my father told me years ago. Back in the early 1960's he worked for various road construction companies and spent time in construction camps. In those days you would get your lunch and get your thermos filled with coffee and head out to the job site. One day he was about to pour coffee into his thermos and noticed a hole inside at the bottom. He sent it in to the company and eventually got a letter back stating that there would be no replacement or warranty as whatever was put in it was unfit for human consumption.


  1. The story about your Dad's thermos made me laugh. It reminded me of my Dad's coffee, which could also be used for sealing a roof or filling a pothole. Even so, I firmly believe that coffee is the elixir of life. :)

    1. It is the elixir of life first thing in the morning.