Friday 24 March 2017

Warwick, Alberta grain elevator

March 17, 2017 in Warwick, Alberta.

For some reason I like grain elevators. It seems like Alberta has not felt the same way due to the rapid rate so many of them have disappeared over the years. This on is on a farm just outside Warwick, Alberta. There is not much in Warwick.

This was one of those quasi challenging days to explore. Beautiful sunny day. The melting snow made the gravel roads a bit on the squishy side which made me decide to not venture down a few roads. I had stuff marked on a map that I wanted to see and had to pass on. It bugs me knowing I could not get to something that was just a mile or two down a road where I might get stuck. I get obsessive about getting to stuff I missed on a prior trip. Luckily the rural road running by this sight was paved. 


  1. She's a good looking elevator. I love seeing them, one of my favourite sights is seeing them in the distance.

  2. I think these are, pure and simple, a form of folk art.