Tuesday 14 March 2017

Kootenay Lake, British Columbia March 11, 2017

Three day trip. Close to six hundred fifty kilometres one way from Airdrie, Alberta to Ainsworth, British Columbia. I took the same route back. Left Saturday March 11 and back March 13, 2017. The distance was a bit excessive. For some reason I wanted, needed, a break. Prior posts were a little thin. Sometimes you do things to get your mind off things and find it right back on those same things when you get back. 

No matter. I enjoyed the trip. I highly recommend Ainsworth Hot Springs. The food at the resort is excellent and reasonably priced. Just up the road from Ainsworth is Kaslo. If you are ever in the area stop at the Kaslo Hotel or the Treehouse. Both great places for food. Back to the same responsibilities and issues that everyone has to deal with. Next weekend will be all business for personal matters and family.

Unless I can sneak away for a few hours . . .


  1. Everyone needs a break now and then... glad yours was enjoyable... beautiful scenery and pictures.

  2. Is that lake long and narrow BW. I think I learned to clean fish there in the early 70's...

  3. I highly recommend sneaking away.