Wednesday 29 March 2017

Images of Loverna, Saskatchewan Part Two

You can do a virtual tour via Google Streetview.

Lots of signs in front of empty spaces.

Sign noting Dr. Frizzell's House.

The town square is overgrown.

Cenotaph marking the names of those lost in World War One and Two.

Sign marking where Kellys Pool Hall once stood.

Whatever lettering was on the truck has been lost to history.

Community Hall.

Canadian Legion Loverna Branch 91.

The sign in front of the steps says Orange Hall / Legion Hall.


  1. Even though there is still some life in that town, it is like a walk back in time. Many of the buildings are gone but the signs make it possible to imagine what it once was like. Love these posts, including the resident attitude. :)

  2. I am in love with Loverna. Great photos BW!

  3. Looks like a western movie set. Great photos!