Monday 20 March 2017

Goshen United Church March 19, 2017

Just a little north and a bit east of Villeneuve, Alberta sits Goshen United Church. The sign states that it is the original site of the Goshen United Church 1899 - 1958. I learned about this place from other bloggers and internet forums.

I just stopped for some quick photos. This is a much better blog post than mine.

This looks rural and it is however it is not in the middle of nowhere. There are post boxes in from of it and a lot of farms nearby. I used to live in St. Albert for many years and I am surprised how close this is to where I used to live. I am a bit miffed that I never ran across this when I lived in the area.


  1. Great photos of Goshen! I like how both churches are still there.

  2. Now I am miffed too. Villeniuve is a pretty little hamlet with a church of its own too.

  3. At the intersection of Montgomery County, PA and Berks County, PA was a large settlement of the Dutch (Germans) who called it Goshenhoppen. When the colonial city of Philadelphia started getting too big and settlers started filtering outwards.
    Goshenhoppen was a German-Anglicized name of the Indian
    Shakahoppa. Hoppen - haven. So I've read.