Wednesday 15 March 2017

Sirdar, British Columbia March 12, 2017

I love old general stores. There is really nothing here except a store, a pub close by the store that appears to be closed for some time, and a couple of houses. I have not been able to find much information about the place on the internet either. Apparently at one time there were a few businesses, a rail station, and a rail turntable.

This one is at 49.243537, -116.621086 if you want to look it up on Google maps.

I had a peek inside the windows. The place operates because there is merchanise inside. I really want to look inside sometime as you can see very old original wood and glass store display cases. The store has a date of 1913 on the building. I was by here about a year ago and it was closed then. I think the hours might be erratic. 

I drove by this March 11 which was Saturday and it was closed. I drove by it again on my way home on March 13 and saw someone exiting the store. I pulled over and asked the elderly gentleman if the store was closed. He asked if I needed to get my mail. I mentioned I did not live in the area, I was passing through and I wanted to know when the store was open. He informed me that he was locking up and the owner went into Creston as there was a problem with a water pipe and that the owner needed to pick up something to fix it. So the store was closed until he got back. So now I know for certain the store operates. I am just three for three for not being able to see the inside. 

This is the pub.

Sirdar is on the side of a mountain. Across the highway is Duck Lake. These are terraced rock walls for an orchard just a little past the pub.


  1. Old general stores are wonderful. There was one that looked a lot like this one in a tiny town in MN. It carried everything from tools and axe handles to sewing thread and work shirts. It even had a pickle barrel by the counter. Sadly, it closed years ago. I would love to rummage around in the one you found.

  2. The pub was open and seemed busy when we passed by last summer. Lots of cycles parked out front. I think it's seasonal.

  3. I love old general stores. There are a couple where we visit in North Carolina. In one of them the husband ties trout flys. They are works of art especially give his hands are crippled.

  4. Old general stores, usually have so much character & history, and a few characters. Love visiting them.