Thursday 30 March 2017

Images of Loverna, Saskatchewan Part Three

Grace United Church. I did not try the door. Which is odd for me. I am a fan of church buildings. I did try the other church.

The Anglican Church.

"The Anglican Church welcomes you. All Saints built 1922. Always open for prayer."

I took a look inside. Beautiful little church and immaculately kept. Whenever I venture into something like this I treat it with the utmost respect. I even breathe carefully.

I wanted to hang around longer for photos. I heard a voice on the radio state there was a sixty percent chance of rain that day. Rain was not in the forecast when I started out however I know how reliable those are. I also know what rain does to rural prairie gravel roads. I consulted the map and cut it short and headed out. It is definitely on the list for a revist. I actually did run into a bit of rain. By that time I made it to pavement miles east and it was just a few drops for a few minutes.


  1. The Anglican Church has some interesting angles... and the Grace Church looks well kept... I assume those bushes around it would bloom in the Spring... hope you get back there someday.

  2. Lovely little churches. I really liked all your Loverna photos.