Friday 31 March 2017

Fairwood School?

Stumbled across this old abandoned one room schoolhouse on March 17, 2017. It is a little east of Warwick, Alberta. A little bit of preliminary research shows it might be Fairwood School that was in use from 1902 - 1954. A lot of schools in Alberta have markers in front of them. Unfortunately a lot of them do not have markers. So it is an educated guess that it might be Fairwood School.

I only bothered with looking just inside th entrance. You never know if you might fall through a floor even though it looked solid. I make an attempt to cut down on dumb activities when no one else is with me.


  1. I see all these abandoned places ... every now & then I'm struck by the fact that "they" just left.

    Reality is the folks grew old, the kids grew up & moved away, the business model/technology changed. The end result is chimney falling apart on top an old school house.

    A few years back the world hit the historic mark where more than one half of the people in the world were living in cities/urban rather than rural.. I think that broken chimney is a "sign" of that.

    1. Right. The people did not leave so much as they melted away over time.

  2. Nice looking old school.

  3. Same style as the one room school I went to as a child. It too is still standing, a family lives there now, so it is in much better shape than the one you photographed.

  4. It is Fairwood School. I was there yesterday. The name is just below the roof on the front.