Monday 6 March 2017

"The secret to a long life . . .

 . . . is to try to not to shorten it." I borrowed this from one of my favourite films "My Name is Nobody" (a few more favourites being "Tremors", "Goodfellas", "Departures", just to name a few). Another gem from that film is "The years don't make wisdom, they just make old age".

Both are true enough. Hopefully along the way we do more smart things than dumb things and pick up a few smarts on the journey.


  1. I was sort of hoping for wisdom in my old age, but I think that is not to be. My Dad had it pegged with one of his favorite sayings. "Too soon old - too late smart."

  2. "Tremors" was a good movie...

    1. I have seen "Tremors", "Casino", "Goodfellas", and "True Grit" each over twenty times.