Monday 27 February 2017

Zion Lutheran Church

South of Torrington, Alberta February 19, 2017. Very small church. From what I could find on a quick search it was in use before 1907 and stopped being used on a regular basis in the 1950's. The Lutheran Church in Torrington and this one out in the countryside were almagamated with the one in Torrington seeing regular use.

The doors are locked. Half of the windows are boarded over.

On the side facing the trees I got a peek inside.

I love this kind of place. I was not able to get a view of the altar. It is amazing it was left like this.

There appear to only be ten graves here. There might be some unmarked ones. A couple of the graves are within the last ten years so this place means something to someone in the area.

The wording under the cross is in German. I have seen identical markers in small out of the way places in Alberta. Everybody has to end up somewhere and this is a quiet pleasant spot to be.


  1. I like it, too. Love the crooked windows and the handmade pews. A good find, BW!

  2. A sweet little can tell that people loved this place...great pictures BW!