Monday 6 February 2017

Winter storms

Suffered a little bit of cabin fever on Saturday February 4, 2017. We had a winter storm warning. I thought nothing of it. The weather reports tend to always be the worst case scenario. I got out to the backroads around Three Hills, Alberta to see it looking like this. The roads were drivable with fine ice crystal snowflakes falling and some limited visibility. 

The storm broke then resumed Sunday. I woke up this morning to about two inches of snow on the car. The side streets are a bit of a mess. Areas west towards the Rocky Mountains and south of Calgary were possibly going to get a foot and a half of snow. We did not get hit as hard. Plows are running and streets are being cleared. A chinook will come through in about two days and everything will melt. Storms never last. 

From Grades One to part way through Grade Four I lived in Terrace, British Columbia. We were practically on the Pacific Coast and whenever it snowed it was heavy wet snow. One winter storm dumped snow on us all day Saturday and Sunday. After multiple trips to shovel my father gave up because you could not keep up to the snowfall. When it stopped on Monday I remember it took two days to dig out the town to get traffic moving again. This was in the mid 1970's.

My father worked for a heavy equipment dealer at the time as a heavy duty mechanic. The branch manager lived three blocks away from work. He could not drive due to the aftermath so he walked. It took him two hours navigating heavy wet deep snow to get there. Once he got there he was the only one there. He got on a phone and started calling people to ask why there were not at work. More than a few told him to do something that was not anatomically possible. Everybody made it into work when the streets were cleared.


  1. Our weather forecasters are good for predicting the "storm of the century" only to wind up with just a few inches of snow on the ground. I remember the heavy storms you mention from my childhood. Now---not so much.

  2. Having never lived for any length of time where it snows, I'm not sure how good I would be handling it. We always shipped the cattle out when the first snow flew.

    1. I have only had a few occasions where winter storms shut down everything. I had a flight delayed for a day out of Edmonton once due to a winter storm. Canadian pilots fly through a lot of lousy weather. Right now it is -28C and warming up to -11C tomorrow.