Monday 27 February 2017

So I offended a resident of Hemaruka, Alberta . . .

I posted about Hemaruka on November 22, 2015 and stated it was a ghost town. A few days ago I got a comment from someone who owns property there stating explicitly that Hemaruka is not a ghost town, it is in fact a Hamlet, and people still live there.

I therefore stand corrected and will no longer refer to Hemaruka as a ghost town.


  1. Ah, we've been down that road. Called one place a near ghost town in a write up, and in every sense of the word it was, then got dog piled on by people that lived there - all three of them - for making that statement. Oh the humanity! I guess they saw their place as dynamic and cosmopolitan.

  2. Maybe call it "population challenged"? ;)