Monday 6 February 2017

Notre Dame de Savoie Church revisited

I have been here before and posted about this place before. From what I could find on the internet this church was built before 1920 and last used sometime in the 1960's. I was driving down a nearby highway and remembered this was in the area. Curiosity demanded that I see if it is still standing. It is in poor shape and I am amazed it is still upright.

I am not going to say where it is. I have been hearing about abandoned places being vandalized so I will not say exactly where it is other than it is a few hours north of Calgary off of a secondary highway.

There is a small cemetery across the road and a large coal mine a stones throw from here. The spot is a little bit hidden, the damage it has received has been from the elements. This is a small church. This was a quick stop on January 29, 2017. It looks unchanged from the last time I was here.