Sunday 5 February 2017

Sometimes you get the photo, sometimes . . .

January 28, 2017 along Range Road 224 southeast of Delburne, Alberta. I brake for grain elevators among other things. This one was on a farm. The problem is that there were many great vantage points for a photo that were unusable. Closer up the road it was blocked by buildings. At a different spot there was a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in front it that I did not want in the photo. At one spot it was blocked by rolling hills and trees. This one I really wanted to get a decent photo and started to get a little obsessive about getting it. I drove the car up and down the side road. No spot worked. I got out and walked just off the road up against the fence line and managed a somewhat acceptable line of sight. 

After multiple photos taken and deleted at extreme distance I finally gave up. The photos I was left with were pared down to these two. I am still bugged about this one as it would have been a good photo opportunity if I could have only got the right spot.

Damn hill is in the way.


  1. The second one, centennials of the prairies.

  2. I admire your working for the best picture... I like the 2nd one... nice perspective...

  3. I agree with everyone, the 2nd is best and very Prairie-like. Farm elevators are the hardest to shoot as you don't want to trespass and they are often surrounded by stuff. There was an elevator outside Dugald on a farm that I took some half decent photos of, but I never really got a great photo of. They tore it down last year so I never will.. you do what you can.

    1. I am still unsatisfied. I would like to try this one again.

  4. Cool....didn't see this in my visits to that area. A return trip is booked.

  5. Ya need county maps, BW. They put the land owners names on them so you can phone them up and ask permission. Most will welcome photographers.
    I used to use county maps to get permission to hunt on private land.