Sunday 19 February 2017

Great Bend Cemetery

February 4, 2017 northeast of Delburne, Alberta. I saw this on another blogger's site and I wanted to see it as it was on my way to Rosalind, Alberta. There is a Great Bend community hall that used to be a school a few miles away. Other than that there was nothing else nearby. I was interested in the silhouette on the front. I took a quick walk through as I thought there might be something about the history of this place. No such luck.

The place is very well kept and still used.

There are times I see too many children's graves in rural cemeteries from years ago. To see three on one marker is quite sad. No date that I could see.


  1. That marker with the 3 childrens' names ... heartbreaking.

  2. A rare time I was somewhere before you. I didn't even try the gate.