Saturday 18 February 2017

Salem School

You see various styles of school markers in Alberta. This style is common in my area of the province. This is west of Three Hills, Alberta.

"Salem School, School District No. 1068. First opened as a one-room school in 1908 at SE-10-31-26 and moved to Sunnyslope site in 1931. Two room school built in 1933, at times serving Grades One through Eleven. School closed in 1961 having served many learners well. Building still used as a community hall in 2006." 

There are only a few houses in Sunnyslope. The former school now rural community centre is past the trees.

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  1. Nice. I didn't get to see the community hall, there was a wedding going on when I went by in the summer. Glad it's being used still.