Thursday 2 February 2017

No kidney beans!

You have your chili recipe. I have mine. I loathe kidney beans. They are banned.

I use the following:

Two pounds of lean hamburger
Two cans of tomato sauce
One small can of tomato paste
Three cans of mushrooms, pieces and stems, use fresh ones if you prefer
One green pepper, one red, one yellow, one orange, because I like it to have colour
Two tins of baked beans in tomato sauce, I prefer Heinz beans
Chopped onion, large

I cook the hamburger in a large pot until it is done. I do not bother draining it. I usually just throw everything else in and let it cook on low to medium heat and stir it when it needs it. Cook it for however long it needs to be cooked. I like mine thick enough to stand a spoon in it. You might like a lot of spice. I do not. I like to be able to taste my food and not sweat from a lot of spice. I add a touch of garlic and perhaps a bit of spice depending what I have on hand for taste. Taste it from time to time. If it is missing something then add it. A friend of mine adds a touch of Jack Daniels to his. Have a bowl of shredded cheese on hand. I like good cheddar cheese. When I have a bowl ready to eat I sprinkle cheese on it. Make sure you have some decent cold beer in the fridge. Garlic toast is perfect to have as well. Do this on a cold day. It is better that way.


  1. There must be a million different chili recipes. Here in my hometown we have something called Cincinnati chili...which is more like a soup...and we put it over a plate of spaghetti or on a hot dog and add cheese or onions or beans... I'm a no bean person where Cincinnati chili is's a link...

    It isn't like any chili anywhere else and since I was raised on it I love it!

  2. Couldn't agree more. Kidney beans just don't belong! And beer is an essential part of it. Sounds yummy.

  3. As the son of a Texan, I won't put beans in mine, but I'm not bothered if anyone else does. It's like motorcycles--if it's yours, do what you want with it; it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.
    I love a good pone of cornbread with chili, but then, I'm from Tennessee. I consider cornbread with sufficient butter a dessert.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. Cornbread isn't really a thing here. I would love to try it the way it should be done. Love the saying, I might have to use it.

  4. Cornbread is cheap and easy. Cornmeal mix, an egg, milk, a little bacon grease, and a cast-iron skillet, and you're good to go.
    There are the little boxes of cornbread/corn muffin mix, but they're an abomination. Cornbread is as easy as biscuits. It only became such a staple down here because not many grew wheat, or had access to flour, while corn was a major crop. My father (1945-2013) was born the son a of a sharecropper. He loved store-bought white bread, because about the only bread he ever had before he joined the Army was cornbread.
    Get yourself some ingredients & enjoy! It'll likely be a novelty in your area, & folks will appreciate it all the more.
    --Tennessee Budd

  5. Meant to add this: you have my email address. If in doubt, contact me & I'll tell you how I do it. You can't go far wrong with the directions on a bag of cornmeal mix, but if it says to use sugar, ignore that.--TB