Saturday 25 February 2017

Mystery sign February 19, 2017

Sometimes you run across something in the middle of nowhere, or in this case near Sunnyslope, Alberta, with no infomation to go with it. It was not marking where an old school once stood. I got lucky with an internet search and I think I found out what is the story behind the sign.

"Mr. McIlmoyle was born at Lakefield, Ontario, 15 September 1876. With the blood of the adventurer in his veins, he joined the Royal North West Mounted Police in 1898. While serving in the police force, he was active in The Pincher Creek area. Later he was placed in charge of the detachment at Banff, Alberta. When Lord Minto’s Party toured the West, Zachariah had the responsibility of guilding and guarding that group. In 1903 he resigned from the force, and engaged in farming. He acquired the N.E. ¼ Sec. Of 5-31-25-W 4 as a purchased homestead. He had previously bought the South half of 24-31-26 W 4 and on this parcel is where he lived and did the most of his farming. The quarter on section 5 was used for putting up hay. He married Cora Scott Rogers June 6th, 1906 and raised six children, Kenneth, Georgie, Marion, Stuart, Mena, and Keith. In 1911 he bought a general store in the hamlet of Sunnyslope. While he was operating this place of business, the farm was run by hired help. In the year 1913 he was appointed Assistant deputy minister of Agriculture which position he held approximately 15 years. Two years before his death he took over the administration of the Dept Adjustment Act. This act was passed to bring aid to the drought stricken areas in the southern part of Alberta. While going about his duties in the government office he was holding, he suffered a paralytic stroke, from which he never recovered. He passed to his death two months later. At the time of his death (6 Jun, 1928), he was a member of the Royal North West Mounted Police Veterans organization." taken from Memoirs of Sunnyslope Pioneers. 


  1. ah, I love a back story! Thank you for posting one.

  2. Neat! Glad you found that.

  3. Thank you for finding that sign and sharing online!! Zechariah is my Great Grandfather. My Grandfather was his youngest son Keith. We will have to do a road trip to check it out. :)