Wednesday 1 February 2017

November 12, 2016 in Saskatchewan

The Rural Municipality of Big Stick just a bit north of Golden Prairie last November. This is how I like my winters on the prairie. I like snow in the mountains. On the prairie you never really get enough snow to enjoy it. Winds drift it and expose the land. Chinook winds melt it. Unless you are further up north you never really get enough snow to stay around for winter activities. You can drive a snowmobile on the prairies when there is snow. I used to have a snowmobile years ago and I found it much better in the mountains with lots of deep snow. The same with cross country skiing.

Winter in the southern prairie is indecisive. You can go from the landscape covered in snow to barren rust coloured grasslands in a couple of days. What I am really getting at is that I am getting antsy for spring to arrive so I can hit the road with the motorcycle.


  1. Lovely pictures... it looks warmer than it probably was.

  2. I thing everyone wants Spring to get here - tomorrow!