Tuesday 7 February 2017

The author at work

Not really. I have had a few people tell me the resemblance is uncanny. I lean towards being a minimalist so I never got into the habit of having a lot of stuff. I saw Beaker in a store about twenty years ago. This one was the only of its kind in the store. I never saw another one at the time so I went back and bought it with the thought it would be fun to have. I also had this dumb idea that it might be a good luck piece. Through the years I have never seen another one. 

After I bought it I put it in my office. It has been with me in every office and job since then. It is a little over sixteen inches tall and was made by Sababa Toys. It has never been a good luck charm for me. I might be better off without it when it comes to being a lucky charm however it is one of those few items I could not bring myself to part with. I am not sure why I hang onto it. We all have one of those items that we have had for years and hold onto. Whenever clients see it they get a kick out of it. 


  1. I can relate to Beeker. That's pretty much what I see in the mirror on mornings when I haven't yet had my coffee. :)

  2. I know about that, I have an ALF I have carried with me for 20 plus years.

  3. Good thinking BW!

    Prop him up in the chair even it's time to play hookey - and no ones the wiser!

    Pity. I would need a Doppleganger that farts, spits and curses.