Monday 13 February 2017

Arthurvale January 28, 2017

This is west of Huxley, Alberta in rural Alberta. Someone wanted a post office that was only in operation for four years to be remembered. In some rural areas years ago the post office might have been run out of someone's home. I know in one area the post office moved from one house to another house where different families and houses were the post office.

Just barely down from the post office marker is this church.

The snow drifts are a bit deceiving. Some are a couple of feet deep.

I took a look inside. I have a lot of respect for rural properties. I took my boots off when I entered and was inside just far enough to take a couple of photos. I left everything exactly as I found it.

I like the small simple churches more than the ornate ones. Simple stained glass.


  1. I like the simple church... it speaks to me. As for the post offices, my aunt Felicia had one in her home in rural Pennsylvania when I was a child. I loved hanging out there during the summers I spent with my grandparents... I still love snail mail and send cards to lots of friends as happy mail is sparse these days.

  2. Nice post BW. My grandmas farm was the post office for awhile in their part of Saskatchewan.

  3. Such a lovely, lovely church! Thank you for the wonderful photos! Love those windows!

  4. I will try to share this wonderful small church with the Padre.
    Simple is best!