Tuesday 11 October 2016

What was once Gros Ventre, Tothill, Alberta

There used to be a church here. Found this September 17, 2016 south of Medicine Hat, Alberta. There were a number of small churches in the area at one time. Now there are just a number of well tended small cemeteries. 

This is the only defined grave site here. There probably are other burials, just not marked. This little enclosure was so overgrown I could not see any markers.


  1. Love your pictures, as always... but the OCD in me would want to cut all that grass in the enclosure... a futile gesture I know.

  2. Someone cared enough to cut the grass. Probably didn't have time to do the weeding. Love that fence.

  3. Dammit.

    I see stuff like that and I just get torn. Part of me wants to go in there with a weed wacker and a pair of work gloves - but you have to tread lightly around sites like that.

  4. My great grandfather is buried there. When my parents lived in the area, we used to cut the grass there, but since they sold the farm I am not sure who looks after it anymore.