Monday 31 October 2016


Had to do multiple resets of my password as blogger keeps wanting to deny me access to this blog. Hopefully I have go this fixed. I doubt someone out there wants to hijack this particular blog. With luck I will be able to reply to some comments. Not to mention that my blogger feed seems to have disappeared.

Came down with a nasty cold on the weekend. NyQuil is vile but it seems to work. I am not a fan of cold sweats and coughing. I guess I was due.


  1. 'Hope you are felling better, BW! Hubby and I got our senior dose of the flue vaccine and it has really knocked us for a loop this year! Sometimes Google makes me sign in every time I want to read my mail. It just goes wonky sometimes...

  2. Hope you are feeling better... blogger and google make me happy and crazy... I've seen several people state that their blog roll disappeared, and no one knows why. Take care!