Wednesday 12 October 2016

Hay bales and . . .

Off on a road trip on October 8, 2016. The timing could have been better. Cold weather, icy roads, rain, snow, and I encountered thick heavy fog for miles. I took a short break on the side of the road because sometimes I just need to take a photo of hay bales. 

After my bale photo I turned to go back to the car and noticed something off in a field in the opposite direction. I took a number of steps and found this grave. I think it is a grave and not just a marker. I like the simple straightforward look of this. Interesting what you find when you least expect it.


  1. Yay...Hay bales. With frosting. :)

    Wonder why that grave is out in the middle of nowhere. And someone went to a lot of trouble with the marker. And the gentleman's photo. Interesting.

  2. You see a lot of markers like that here in Joisey. Usually marks the spot where there was an accident and someone died. Sometimes it's just a white cross with a name and date and sometimes there are decorations for each holiday. The saddest one was a cross surround by stuffed animals.

  3. I'm thinking the marker is to mark the spot of an accident where the man died. I see them a lot in Ohio too.

    I do love the frosted haybales...very nice picture!