Monday 24 October 2016

Not native to Alberta

Took a drive on the back roads southeast of Calgary October 23, 2016. You see fads in agriculture like any other business. Years ago I remember people thought they were going to make a mint raising ostrich and saw some high prices being paid for them. Llamas and alpacas were all the rage at one point as well. I kind of wondered about ostrich when it encountered winter in Alberta. They did prove to be pretty tough. Years ago I would drive by some guys place north of Morinville, Alberta in the middle of winter and you would see three ostriches running around in a fenced area. That was different. Llamas are better equipped to deal with winter here. It does cause you to take a second look when you are in a very rural area and you see some of these in a field instead of cattle.

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  1. There is a little farm of them here in my part of Ohio... not something one usually sees in these parts either... but they do produce some lovely yarn!